Gas: approve 26% increases for two distributors

11-03 Anuncian nuevos aumentos nuevos en las tarifas de gas. Foto: Andres D'Elia

The National Regulatory Entity of Gas (Enargas) approved the tariff schedules applied since April by the gas distributors Cuyana and the Center, after declaring the validity of the public hearing on February 26.

The approval of the adjustment in the respective tariff schedules contemplated an increase of 26%, since it was considered “appropriate to use the Index of Internal Wholesale Prices (IPIM) between August 2018 and February 2019 as a rate update index” .

Distribuidora de Gas Cuyana distributes natural gas through networks in Mendoza, San Juan and San Luis, while Distribuidora de Gas del Centro does it in Córdoba, Mendoza, La Rioja, San Luis, San Juan and Catamarca.

The agency decided “not to make room” for the request for suspension requested by the Commission of Users of Enargas (Cuenargas, which includes 25 user and consumer entities) and also rejected the request for an extension regarding the rate increase.

Enargas also established in its resolutions the display of the Table of Fees and Charges for Additional Services, at each point of service of the providers and the sub-distributors.

This information and the tariff tables should also be published in a newspaper with a wide circulation of the licensed area, “day by day for at least three days within the next ten business days”.

¬†Enargas also warned the two distributors that “in case of reoffending in the late submission of information and / or failure to comply with the deadlines set by this regulatory authority, will not have the right to be recognized daily accumulated differences or compensation for their delay”.