Scientists Are Trying To Reverse Climate Change

Scientists Are Trying To Reverse Climate Change

Greenhouses gases like carbon dioxide are wreaking havoc on Earth’s local weather. However in a shocking twist, scientists from Stanford College are arguing that extra carbon may hold local weather change in examine.

It could sound counter-intuitive, however the clarification is surprisingly easy: since methane is technically extra dangerous to the surroundings, the researchers say we should always convert it into carbon dioxide.

“That might purchase us time to handle the tougher set of carbon dioxide sources,” researcher Rob Jackson told Popular Science.

As Standard Science points out, methane from industrial and agricultural sources warms the ambiance a staggering 84 occasions as a lot as CO2 throughout 20 years.

Scientists haven’t hammered out precisely how they’d convert methane into carbon dioxide, and it could probably be costly and power-intensive. And different scientists completely oppose the concept.

“I suggest that we lower [methane] emissions in identified methods, and let the environment deal with its oxidation to CO2 in about 10 years,”  Pieter Tans, chief of NOAA’s Carbon Cycle Greenhouse Gases Group, advised Common Science.