Drunk Bees Spotted Dropping from The Skies in Australia

Drunk Bees Spotted Dropping from The Skies in Australia

Drunk bees have been noticed dropping from the skies and stumbling around Australia’s Parliament House in Canberra, the capital city, also home to Australia’s seat of government.

Parliament’s head beekeeper Cormac Farrell defined the phenomenon in a sequence of social media posts.

Drunk bees got lost, resulting in their death; however, punishment for arriving at the hive intoxicated may also result in a gruesome end. As punishment, Guard bees attack drunk bees plus chew off their legs. This is a warning to the other bees of the hive.

ANU Apiculture Society’s student-led initiative focused on these bees and beekeeping. This student group maintains hives.

After 3years, that number has increased to five beehives, which produce honey for honey vodka, honey mead, and pure honey, which are often stored as presents for foreign dignitaries.

The beehive initiative is a part of a global effort to deal with the decline of bee populations essential to food security, agriculture, and environmental sustainability. The grounds at APH are an excellent field to host the hives as part of the department’s environmental system for preserving the building’s surrounding habitats and ecosystems.

In Great Britain, warnings have been published about drunken wasps invading private homes and attacking people in public.

With the start of autumn, the general food for wasps, especially flies and caterpillars, have decreased. Due to that, they’ve taken to consuming apples found in people’s gardens.

Wasps also carry a genetic trait that makes them gaga for sugary foods and alcohol; however, they’re additionally lightweights. So fermented fruits or beverages like cider attract them; however, after imbibing very little, they get drunk and more vulnerable to stinging.

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