Scientists Find Asteroid Responsible for Life On Earth

Scientists Find Asteroid Responsible for Life On Earth

Three thousand times bigger, an asteroid that killed dinosaur collided 470 million years ago and may have led to a rise in new species, based on new evidence.

The work implies a distant asteroid collision produced sufficient dust to trigger an ice age on Earth, approximately 470 million years ago. Throughout this era, referred to as GOBE (the great Ordovician biodiversification event), there was a notable increase in biodiversity, significantly in marine life.

The asteroid, which the research claims collided with another asteroid beyond the orbit of Mars, might have produced sufficient dust to blanket Earth and subsequently dramatically cool the planet.

Birger Schmitz, who led the research, informed the NewsChannel that they know about 10km asteroid, which killed the dinosaurs, crashed on Earth 67 million years ago, and; this event was very different.

Philipp Heck, an author of the research, additionally mentioned: “We’ve shown that what happens in the solar system can have a significant influence on Earth. Extraterrestrial events aren’t always destructive. Many people think about meteorites as just dinosaur killers; however, we discovered the opposite.

“A big collision within the asteroid belt had constructive consequences that led to cooling and biodiversification.”

Dr. Heck said that they are speaking about mild changes that occurred over 2 million years. If a human could travel back in time, it wouldn’t appear like a disaster to us; it might be more like a mild nudge that led to global change and triggered diversification.

Meanwhile, NASA recently unveiled plans to team up with the University of Central Florida (UCF) to discover killer asteroids. The asteroids being targeted by NASA are ones large enough to wipe out tens of millions of people on Earth.

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