Drawing of Female Shaman On an Earthen Vessel Found in Japan

Drawing of Female Shaman On an Earthen Vessel Found in Japan

An earthenware piece bearing a drawing could be a female shaman that was uncovered throughout excavation work in western Japan, local officials announced.

The discovery on the Shimizukaze ancient remains in Nara Prefecture was announced by the Tawaramoto municipal board of education, based on the newspaper.

Officials stated that it is the first time that a shaman on this kind of artifact is thought to be a woman as a result of it has breasts that are shown on a piece of earthenware.

Nineteen earthen vessels with drawings of shaman extending both arms have been unearthed throughout Japan Previously, the Japanese daily newspaper reports.

The drawing is reportedly on a pottery piece that measures about 12 centimeters by 16.3 centimeters. It dates back to the mid-Yayoi period in 100 B.C. Additionally, visible are eyes, a nose, a mouth, also five fingers.

Kazuhiro Tatsumi informed The newspaper, “They might have prayed for a wealthy harvest while swinging around.”

The Shimizukaze site is the north side of the Karako Kagi site, and a total of over 450 earthen vessels with drawings have been discovered at the two locations.

The newly found piece with the drawing of a shaman is on display on the Karako Kagi archaeology museum until Dec. 1.

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