The Report Said That Chinese Cyber Hackers Are Trying to Hack into U.S. Networks

The Report Said That Chinese Cyber Hackers Are Trying to Hack into U.S. Networks

The important thing strategic goal is to get inside U.S. company networks then spread rapidly inside these networks, reports mentioned.

China builds its cyber warfare tools by tapping into U.S. computer exploit tools, based on Check Point. One way of doing that is the so-called exploit tactics. American companies spend millions on methods to fight computer exploits used for cyber-attacks. This has “inspired Chinese hackers to build a secret path to garnish these sources for their own,” reports mentioned.

“The leak of NSA tools by the Shadow Brokers in 2017 has proven how the U.S. has large in-house exploit [capabilities]. The Chinese would need to get to the identical capabilities; however, their way to gain these powers is different from that of the U.S.,” the report said.

The report cites a blog from cybersecurity giant Symantec outlining an NSA (National Security Agency)-like exploit utilized by a Chinese state-sponsored group named APT3 before 2017, the year during which a group called The Shadow Brokers have leaked various NSA exploits.

Typically, these tools are built in-house or bought from a third party, Check Point mentioned. However, in this case, the tools obtained by the Chinese are reverse engineered from the U.S. for use in their hacking arsenal, based on reports.

“The Chinese have been able to build their exploitation tool that appeared almost the same because the American one, however, was built in China,” the report mentioned.

“This…suggests a narrative where China and the U.S. are engaged in a cyber-arms race to develop new exploits,” the report added.

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